NetbaseQuid: A Complete Guide to Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening

Most companies know that it’s important to build an excellent reputation and track their social media. As a business owner, this is a trick that you must also master to listen to your audience. This can help you know what your audience thinks about your products or services. What are their pain points, and how can you help improve their lives? What are they interested in, and what problems do they care about? Typically, that is where Social Media Listening comes in— to help you address these questions. If done right, social listening will not only protect your reputation but also strengthen the brand image and detect new opportunities. Here is crucial information you need to know about social listening.

The Value of Social Media Listening

Social listening helps you monitor your company’s social media platforms for direct brand mentions and customer feedback or discussions about topics, specific keywords, industries, or even competitors. This gives you an in-depth analysis to obtain insights and enhances actionable responses. Ideally, without the analysis, your brand cannot appropriately meet your customers’ needs. The best part is that you can use various listening tools to gain insightful reports to help you know “how” and “why” your branding performs the way it’s doing.

However, sometimes people tend to think that social media listening is the same as monitoring, but the reality is that they are different. Social monitoring is the process of tracking social media conversions and mentions, while social listening involves monitoring social media and performing analysis and actionable responses. This can help you develop the kind of content your audience wants. Additionally, it can enable you to generate new ideas based on the current industry trends and improve your customer experience.

Protect your online reputation – Social media listening allows you to follow your audience’s posts and respond accordingly. This way, you can track positive comments from satisfied customers and brand ambassadors and respond to unhappy and dissatisfied customers before negative comments go viral.

Grow your customer base – Social media has become the number one networking place. Many people go to social media to connect with family and friends, which means recommendations and referrals can be highly effective. So if you build a strong reputation, there are high chances your business will find new customers quickly.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With in-depth mention analysis, you can gain helpful insights to help turn the knowledge into action. It also allows you to collect insights directly from the customers, improve actions, and boost your marketing campaigns.

Social Media Listening Tools

There is a wide range of social listening tools available to help you analyze social insights and improve the social listening reports

HubSpot: HubSpot is one of the best social listening tools that provide a product to enable you to prioritize your social networks and connect with valuable people. With HubSpot, you can build marketing campaigns, automatically share content with different social accounts, and discover the when to post.

Hootsuite: This offers you a social listening and monitoring dashboard to help you establish and grow relationships with your also allows you to check your comments, messages, and brand mentions across various social channels in a single platform.

Sprout Social: This is a listening tool that provides social management software designed to offer solutions that will improve your social media interactions with prospects and customers. With Sprout Social dashboard, you can publish content, uncover industry trends, access in-depth data, and scale your engagement efforts.


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